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C-P-P Rules & Regulations

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CrackingPornPro General Rules & Regulations

The following are the simple rules which are to be followed by members during their stay in C-P-P failing which they are liable for penalization.

The rules are mentioned below with their imminent penalties in brackets should they ever be infringed.

  1. Language allowed for posting in forums & chatbox is English only (Five warnings then permanent BAN)
  2. No advertisement of other forums in CPP either in forums, chatbox or via PM (First warning then permanent BAN)
  3. No spamming in the forums and chatbox (First warning then permanent BAN)
  4. Swearing & hurting religious sentiments in forum or in chatbox is strictly prohibited (First warning then permanent BAN)
  5. Referral links & URL shorteners (Adf.ly, Adfoc.us etc) are not allowed (First warning then permanent BAN)
  6. Make sure that you are posting in right section (Five warnings then permanent BAN)
  7. No kind of child porn or gore is allowed in CPP (Permanent Ban on first offense)
  8. Carding & posting of bank details is strictly prohibited as we crack accounts but not steal money (Permanent Ban on first offense)
  9. Multiple account from same user/IP is not allowed (Permanent BAN of all dupe accounts on first offense)
  10. Do not share any file link containing viruses & never post phishing links (Permanent BAN on first offense)
  11. Use HIDE Code in posting premium accounts and download links (Five warnings then permanent BAN)
  12. Only member plus & above are allowed a seller account in CPP, others should not try to sell (First warning then permanent BAN)
  13. If you are a member in multiple forums then don't post same content here & don't leech (First warning then permanent BAN)
  14. Do NOT take more than one account of one website without reporting earlier account as dead (First warning then permanent BAN)
  15. Taking more than 3 configs by members and 5 configs by VIPs in a day is not allowed (First warning then permanent BAN)
  16. Never ask VIP members of CPP to share VIP contents with you (First warning then permanent BAN)
  17. False reporting of perfectly working accounts/configs is strictly prohibited (First warning then permanent BAN)
  18. Respect staffs decision and any type of argument or non cooperation won't be tolerated (First warning then permanent BAN)

N.B:- The rules mentioned above are subject to modification by admin any time with respect to best interest of CPP and its members


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