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Or Else Contributor , I have Good accounts i will post in VIP Area

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you have the ability to post in the vip section as any rank group

post a couple and i will move you up to member plus, and then up to active.     if you post in the vip sections, they need to be original HQ content, and not taken from anywhere else, like pastebin or anywhere,     just so you know.   this is why we are going up the ranks,  unless you are a good config maker,  and once proven that you can, then it will skip you up ranks....

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After searching more carefully your first post " https://www.crackingpornpro.com/index.php?/topic/2270-2018-best-sentry-mba-config-pack/ " I found out it was posted in another forum in April 2018. So not only you leech this content from another forum , but you also dare to post it in the VIP section, When you were told by the Owner, NOT TO DO SO.  Our Staff members are selected for there skills and you are clearly lacking of any. And NO a LEECHER is not what we looking for.

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