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  1. 1:: General Rules All Rules are to be followed when using this Forum. Failure to follow rules may result in; a Warning, Temporary or Permanent BAN. Please Note ::: This Is For All Member groups Of the Forum, From #Registered Members Up To And Including V.I.P Members. This is an English-speaking Community, So Please only post in English! This is a Cracking Forum, not a Hacking Forum. Do not spread any sort of hacking tools / advice here. There are other forums for that. Show Respect to other Members and Staffs. There is 0 tolerance for Racism, Sexism and other forms of Cyber Bullying on this forum. Do not create Multiple Accounts, one account Per Person. Advertising other forums or websites publicly without permission is not allowed. Will result in ban. We do not allow registration with temporary or fake email accounts (You will be warned and if it is not changed you will be banned). Password changing on accounts is not allowed, unless the poster of the thread states that you can. If caught, you will be banned without warning. Do not Spam, creating Multiple spam threads/replies will either result in a warning or on-the-spot ban. Do not give your CrackingPornPro account password to anyone, sharing of accounts is Forbidden and will result in a PERMANENT BAN. Stealing Content from CrackingPornPro is forbidden, if caught, you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED without WARNING. 2:: Registration Rules FAKE / TEMPORARY MAILS will be BANNED before being allowed on the Forum. We only accept registrations from domains such as @hotmail, @gmail, @outlook and so forth. Registration with Spammy Namessuch as a bunch of letters (JJJJJJJJJJJJJ orSKmKAFdkfks) will be banned without any notification. Names that Advertise a site will be Banned before accessing the Forum. 3:: Posting and Replying Rules Use Properly hide codes when posting. Not posting correctly will result in issuance of Warning and then a BAN. Abusive threads/replies will not be tolerated, they will be removed, and you will be Warned/Banned. Thread subjects are to match the content being posted. Please post threads in the right section, failure to do so will result in your thread moved / deleted. "General" posting in any other section besides the lounge will result in the removal of the thread and a warning. If you see a thread / reply breaking any rules please do not start an argument with that person and just REPORT IT! Link Shorteners (aka third-party links) are not allowed (They are annoying and give almost nothing in return). Posting of these types of accounts will result in a BAN. There is not to be any posting of: Financial services such as Banks, Credit Cards and Govt. related accounts. (Not allowed) Minor or Animal Pornography. (Not allowed) No mass leeching, you do not need to reply to 10 threads of the same type of account, take what you need. Show Appreciation when replying. Saying ty and other terms when replying to a thread will result in a Warning, which if reaches a third warning will result in a BAN. Taking any content from CrackingPornPro and posting it somewhere else will result in a PERMANENT BAN. Please show Appreciation by giving threads alike. 4:: Suggestions Rules We respect all suggestions from members, so feel free to post a suggestion that you think will benefit the forum and community. Please detail your subject name. Include any details about your suggestion and why you think it should be implemented. 5:: Chatbox Rules Respect all Members and Staff members while talking in the chatbox. Act mature and report any rule breakers to staff members. Do not advertise any other forum or website in the chatbox. Do not spam. No racism or abusive remarks towards others in the chat. Do not request Accounts, Configs, Combos ect in chat. 6:: Marketplace Selling of accounts that are disapproved in thread and posting rules will lead to a ban also. Please do look into Seller and Buyer Section Rules as they provide full and proper guidelines and rule set. Try to keep Marketplace clean by contacting any staff to help them remove the completed sales thread. CrackingPornPro takes NO Responsibilities on ANY Transaction that occurs at any time. Only use your own account for buying and selling. Report the Fraud immediately to any Admin/Mod. [PLEASE NOTE :: Rules can be edited or removed at any time, new rules can be added at any time. We suggest you check the change log regularly for rule updates] THANKYOU CRACKINGPORNPRO.COM & ITS TEAM